You’re Fired’s Covid19 Prevention Studio Response

While we have always provided customers with fresh clean table settings, and on a daily basis have cleaned counters, tables, chairs, floors and bathrooms. In order to further protect you, our employees, and our community, by helping to limit the spread of Covid19, we are making a number of temporary modifications to the You’re Fired experience.

Extra precautions we are taking to protect you:

  1. We conduct an employee health check before beginning each shift.
  2. We wear face coverings at all times, and practice “Cough or Sneeze, elbow please”!
  3. We maintain a safe 6 ft social distance from you.
  4. The studios capacity has been limited by the removal of chairs, and the arrangement of tables into socially distanced groups.
  5. All items used on your table are properly sanitized before being returned to display.
  6. We sanitize all door knobs, sink handles, credit card terminals, and bathrooms hourly.
  7. Temporarily, we are not be providing water and coffee.
  8. We prefer not to issue paper receipts (email available) – but a receipt is not required to pick up items.
  9. We are offering “ToGo” kits to those who are unable to join us at the studio during this time period.
  10. We have enhanced our HVAC filtration to Hospital Grade MERV13 air filters at all studios.
  11. We have added Medical Grade Studio Air Purifiers to the studios, with H13 TRUE HEPA filters proven to remove 99.9% of particles down to .1 micron, which includes bacteria and virus’s.

What we ask of you:

  1. If you, or a member of your group are not feeling well, please consider visiting us in the future (or purchase a ToGo kit).
  2. Face coverings are required while in the studio, and please practice “Cough or Sneeze, elbow please”!
  3. Please wash your hands, prior to beginning any activity (we will remind you of this!)
  4. We encourage the touch-less use of  Credit & Debit Cards over cash please.
  5. We ask that you please handle bisque, paint bottles, etc as little as possible.  We are here to help make this easier for you.
  6. Please maintain 6 ft “social distance” space between you and other groups in the studio.
  7. If you bring your own beverages, please clear those materials from the table prior to leaving (we will get the rest).
  8. Call the studio from your car if you want us to prepare and bag your “pickup”.  You only need to step in briefly to grab your bag.

To help accomplish this:

  1. While not required, we encourage you to make a reservation for your painting – phone, in person, or on our website.
  2. Help us by visit the studio during less busy times (mid week while school is in, weekends when school is out).
  3. Signage has been added throughout the studio in reference to hand washing, social distancing, and general safe behavior.
  4. Lastly, please be patient with us, and each other, as we all adjust to this temporary condition.

How safe are our studios?  

While we are hesitant to quantify a safety level for our studios, a group from MIT did put together a theoretical model to calculate safe exposure times and occupancy levels for indoor spaces. Based on our inputs, guests at our studios are adequately protected from contracting the virus through airborne transmission from an infected guest. Read about the details here: Studio Safety.