22 November 2012

Why is a You’re Fired Holiday Gift so special?

It may be cliché, but it is the “thought” that counts. Only in the case of a You’re Fired gift, the “thought” takes on new meaning. An item created at our Studio for a loved one, requires intense thought about the recipient; from choosing the item, to developing a theme, using a customized trace and transfer, choosing colors, thinking of places, events, and memories shared, choosing colors, and finally the time spent creating the gift. When presented to your loved one, the recipient knows and appreciates immediately, that you took the time to go through this process, with thoughts of them throughout.

Past customer favorites include:

  • A Mug on which a husband wrote words that reminded him of her – places they have been together, events they have shared, even special dates.
  • A platter on which a husband wrote the chorus to her favorite song.
  • A desk set she made for him with his young children’s handprints and footprints adorned throughout.
  • A wine chiller she made for her parents, with a decorated “family tree” listing four generations of offspring.

Because items made at our Studios use the thousands of year old process called sintering (the fusing of the paint, glaze, and pottery on a molecular level), the images and colors are preserved for ever, even with daily use.

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