31 July 2013

Why Having Fun With Family is Important

Having fun as a family is an important part of building a strong family identity. When families have fun together, they build bonds that can last a lifetime. Children do look to their parents for example, and parents who make the effort to have fun, are planting a very valuable seed.  Traditions are often developed in times of fun, as are great memories. Those traditions and memories help define and individualize each family, and are often carried on as the families expand.

Recreating together as a Family is important. Not watching TV, or going to a Movie, or the Mall, but actual activities together, a pick-up game of basketball, playing cards, a creative activity (like us!) or just sitting out on the deck talking and laughing together. Camping, fishing, biking, walking, and hiking are great forms of family recreation. As parents, we must take the initiative and make these things happen. We have to make ourselves available, and we have to show that we value having fun together.  As we spend time together in these fun activities, we will find our family relationships grow stronger. 

We have always considered our Studios to be a place for families and friends to recreate and have fun together.  We have strived to provide a creative, comfortable and low pressure environment, in which anyone and everyone can relax, and enjoy.  And for those of you “cleanies” out there, (you know, the parents who just can’t stand making a mess at the expense of having fun), we have removed this barrier as well!  Once your experience is over, and the mess is laid out, all you need to do is leave!  We’ll pick up after you – all part of the experience.  Oh, and we’ll clean up after you “messies” also!

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