Get a head start!  In this section you can download You’re Fired techniques for all experience levels, beginners, intermediates and experts, as well as projects for all age groups, children to seniors.

Sponged “Pinch” Rim – Beginner

Painting a neat rim can be a challenge so try this sponge rim technique to make your project a little easier! This can be a solid 3 coats of paint for a solid rim or you can do just one coat for a nice bit of color to add just a bit of framing. Ask […]

Splattering – Beginner

A cool effect, and an easy one to do, is splatter painting! It can be messy but luckily these paints all wash off with ease!  You can use either a paint brush or a tooth brush for your splatters, why not try our both to see which you like better? Great for backgrounds or to […]

Watercolor – Intermediate

Watercolor takes quite a bit of trial and error, but the final product is well worth it. Click here to download this You’re Fired Technique

Paint It Now!

Attention all Kids! Can’t get to the Studio today?  No problem – try our “Paint it Now” tool below.  You can choose what bisque to paint, choose colors, brush sizes, brush shape, etc.  When your finished, print it out and bring it in for your next visit, paint it for real,  and receive a complimentary […]

Bubbles – Beginner

Bubbles are a fun technique, that produces incredible results, and can be used by beginners and experts alike!   Click here to download this You’re Fired Technique.

Banding – Expert

This one is a little complicated, requires a steady hand, and a little practice.  If you are up for the challenge, however, we know you’ll be pleased with your results.   And don’t be too nervous to try, we’ll supply all the encouragement you need!   Click here to download this You’re Fired Technique

The Scraffito Technique – Intermediate

Scraffito comes from the Italian word “to scratch”.  This is a very ancient technique used by roman artisans and is still used to this day. It is the process of scratching paint to reveal either bare bisque or a layer of underglaze color.  This process can be used on any You’re Fired bisque item, with […]

What’s that MUG doing?

Great project for home or school! It’s time for you kids out there to jump in and get creative with this fun and engaging, home or school project (yah – that means you parents too!)  Just click on link below and open your “What’s that MUG doing?” worksheets (there’s 2 pages) and have some fun.  […]

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