Watermelon Pedestal Bowl (By Shirley Ballou)


  • Pasta Bowl
  • Flare Footed Ice
  • Cream Bowl
  • Sponges (For
  • sponge painting
  • technique)
  • 1 inch Painters
  • tape
  • Small brush



  • In The Pink
  • Black Lab
  • Lime Ricky
  • Green Acres


1. Measure down on inside of bowl approximately 1 ½ from top edge. Place marks with pencil at 1-inch intervals all around the inside of the bowl.

2. Dip sponge into “In The Pink” paint and dab onto the inside bottom of the bowl and up to about ¼ inch from pencil marks on the sides of the bowl. Apply 2-3 coats to get
some color variation in the pink.

3. Using a clean sponge dip into “Lime Ricky” paint and dab from inside pencil marks to outer bowl. Completely cover outside of bowl and outside bottom with Lime Ricky.
(leave a small white line between pink and green paint on inside).  Let dry.

4. Beginning at the marks on the inside of the bowl, use painters tape to create stripes, bring tape from the inside to the outside bottom rim of the bowl. Place tape strips
approximately 1 ½ inch apart.

5. Using a brush, paint exposed areas of Lime Ricky over with the “Green Acres” paint.

6. Pull tape off.
7. Using a small brush, dip into “Black Lab” paint. Make seeds in the pink area of the bowl.

8. Dip a clean sponge into the Lime Ricky and dab onto outside of the ice cream bowl to cover.

9.  After items have been fired, attach ice cream bowl to bottom of pasta bowl to create a pedestal look.

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