Teacher Gift


  • Teacher Gift Set
  • Your Choice of
  • Bisque
  • Some Finger Print
  • Art ideas (see the
  • link below!)



  • Use the paints
  • provided in the Gift
  • Set, or add more!


Purchase a Teacher Gift Set from You’re Fired (The gift set is $11 and includes a pebeo pen, a firing certificate, paints and instructions)

Purchase a piece of Bisque to base the project on – any plate, platter, bowl, tray, etc will do.  Choose one large enough to fit finger print patterns from the whole class.

Now be creative, and use a pencil to outline your design. There are many sources of items to be made with kids fingerprints including face characters of each child, trees, insects, animals, etc (click here for a link to a great resource for finger print ideas) Draw circles where you want kids fingerprints to be, even make the characters so the kids can see how their finger prints will play into the piece.

Have each of the kids apply their fingerprint in an appropriate spot.  Add their names next to each if you choose.

Bring the project into You’re Fired, and finish it.  Adding any further design or messages you choose.  Don’t worry about the black outlines creating the finger print designs, you will get those with the Pebeo Pen supplied with your kit after firing.

Leave the project to get fired, and return to pick it up in 7 days.

Use the Pebeo Pen to finish the outline detail around the fingerprints, adding names, faces, etc.

Heat the plate in your Oven at 300 degrees for 30 minutes per the instructions on the Pebeo Pen, and voila!  Your class room master piece is complete!

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