Starry Mug (By Molly Higgins)


  • Large mug
  • 3 quarter-cut
  • sponges
  • 3 color palettes
  • pencil
  • small flat-head
  • brush



  • Tickled Pink
  • Arizona Sun
  • Smiley Face
  • Lime Rickey
  • Blue Heaven
  • Bouncin’ Berry
  • Black Lab


1.        Using a pencil, draw 5 lines horizontally around the mug, creating 6 equal sections and number them 1-6 from top to bottom.

2.        On the back of one palette pour equal parts of Tickled Pink and Arizona Sun.

3.        Dip one edge of a damp, quarter-cut sponge into the Tickled Pink and smear the paint around the mug onto section #1.

4.        Using the same sponge, dip into the Arizona Sun and smear the paint onto section #2.  Don’t worry about overlapping sections (it creates a cool rainbow effect).

5.        Repeat steps 2,3 & 4 using Smiley Face (section #3) and Lime Rickey (section #4) and a fresh sponge.

6.        Repeat steps 2,3,&4 using Blue Heaven (section #5) and Bouncin’ Berry (section #6) and a fresh sponge.

7.        Once the mug has dried, use a pencil to draw stars or another simple shape (hearts, flowers, circles, etc).  Make different sizes of the stars and spread them evenly
around the mug.

8.        Using the small flat-head brush, paint black lab in and around the outside of the stars (leaving only the star-shapes with the color exposed.  Don’t worry all pencil lines
will burn off once the piece is fired.  Repeat for the coats of black lab to assure the deep black finish.

9.        Finally, paint the inside of your mug with one of our fun, vibrant, fleckled paints (lizard lime and purple rain shown).

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