Heart Plate (By Carol Potter)


  • Coupe dinner plate
  • Round sponge
  • Quarter sponge
  • Small heart  sponge
  • Medium heart
  • sponge.
  • 2 Pallets
  • Pencil
  • Tickled pink writer


  • This Little Piggy.
  • In the Pink.
  • Tickled Pink
  • Tickled Pink writer
  • Polar Bear


  1. Pour equal amounts Polar Bear  and  This Little Piggy  next to each other on the back of the palette. With damp round sponge blot up paint keeping colors  separate. Sponge paint onto plate in a random pattern. Keeping base coat very light in color. Let dry.
  2. Using the quarter sponge soak up a bit of Tickled Pink. Carefully drag sponge  around the edge of the plate “wrapping” the sponge with your thumb and pointer finger
  3. around the rim.  (One coat for a light rim, or two coats for a darker rim).
  4. Using your small heart sponge carefully space and sponge hearts around the  rim with In the Pink.  Let dry.
  5. Tickled Pink will be the color for the stamped larger heart shape in the middle.  Let dry.
  6. With a pencil write the saying around the center heart, carefully spacing your  words. Use your Tickled Pink writer to finish your writing.

This pattern can be easily duplicated with your own color choice, sponge choice!  Pick  your own colors, different shaped sponge, make it your own !

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