Ben & Jerrys Inspired Flower Pot (By Janelle Mucci)


  • ¼ sponge
  • Small flower pot
  • bisque
  • Large brush
  • Small brush for fine
  • details
  • Black writer pen
  • Round Medium
  • Brush
  • Scraping tool
  • Sharpie
  • Tracing Paper
  • Picture of a cow that
  • will fit
  • Painters tape



  • Black lab
  • Something Blue
  • Polar Bear/ white
  • bumpy paint
  • Kermit
  • Happy go lucky
  • What a Yolk
  • Blue Heaven


1. Start by washing piece
2. Apply three layers of something blue onto the entire pot. Applying third coat with a sponge and dabbing the sponge all around the mug to achieve a smooth look.
3. With a pencil draw where the hills will go, there will be two layers of hills. The hills in the back are painted with Kermit. The hills in front are painted with Happy Go Lucky.
4. Paint three layers of Kermit on for the hills in the background.
5. Paint three layers of Happy go Lucky for the hills in the foreground.
6. Take the picture of a cow and trace that onto the transfer paper.
7. Now apply the cow onto the pot using painter’s tape to secure it in spot.
8. Using any color sharpie trace over the pencil lines of the cow. Once you are finished and take the transfer paper off, the sharpie marks will be left onto your piece as a guide.
9. Fill in the cow using three layers of black and leaving spaces for the white marks of the cow.
10. Fill in the remaining spots with 3-4 layers of polar bear white. You can use white bumpy paint as an alternative.
11. Now you can pencil in the trademark Ben and Jerry’s Stamp.  All you need to do is first fill in the box with black paint and let it dry. Now take a scraping tool and scrape a
little ways into the box all around the edges so that you can fill this in with What a Yolk.
12. Now you can scrape into the black and write the “all natural” part that is usually on the Ben and Jerry’s logo or write in your own phrase.
13. Take either white bumpy or polar bear and write in the names you would like to have on your flowerpot. I wrote in You’re Fired’s owners. Mike and Ricci.  You will need
to write this in black at least 3 times so that it doesn’t bleed into the black.
14. There is also an oval part of the stamp that you can write in another phrase. I wrote in “YF’s Finest” you can use What a Yolk for the background and then a black writer
15. The last Part is the clouds.  This was done with just Polar bear white and a round medium brush.

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