10 January 2016

Budget Friendly Ladies’ Night Out

Now it’s time to plan your fun night out with friends. Here are a few easy steps to make your Ladies’ Night a huge success:

1.) Spread the word. Round up a great group via text, Facebook Messenger, email, or eVite. Be sure to let your friends know all the benefits  of a kid-free night out!

2.) Pick an ideal date and time.
Use Google Calendar, Doodle, or Kalendi to find a mutually available evening and get the night blocked off in everyone’s busy schedule. You’re Fired is open for Ladies’ Night every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 5 – 9pm. As an added bonus, you get studio fees at half-price!

3.) Find some food. Use an app like yelp to find great local restaurants. Make it a tapas night or skip right to dessert. It’s your choice and YOUR night!

4.) Think about what you may want to paint. Do you know someone with a birthday coming up? Have you always wanted the “just the right size” platter? There are LOTS of options for items to paint, from practical to whimsical. You can plan ahead or wait to get inspired once you see all of the fun options in the studio.

5.) Come as you are! When you come to the studio, it’s all about being relaxed, having fun, and taking a much-needed break with friends who need one too.

It’s that easy! Enjoy your fun, affordable Ladies’ Night and make it a monthly tradition. Have you received our discount code 4for complimentary studio fees? Check it out!


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