You might be wondering – Mosaics?  How can I do mosaics?  – not to worry!  At You’re Fired we have a simple and fun process that makes mosaics a blast.  Check out below to see what others have done at You’re Fired™ with their mosaics project.

The ancient art of Mosaics in 6 Easy Steps

  • Choose your base—mirrors, clocks picture frames and plaques like snakes and geckoes . . .  
  • Choose your colored glass.  It’s pre cut and comes in tons of awesome colors.  
  • Draw your design—simple shapes and patterns work best.
  • Glue down your glass.  The pieces fit together like a brilliant puzzle.
  • Let it dry overnight.
  • Grout and be amazed at the transformation.

A Brief History of Mosaics!

Even if you aren’t a student of the masters, it’s fascinating to know that the history of mosaics goes back some 4,000 years or more!  From terracotta cone techniques to the eight century pebble pavement designs using different colored stones to create unique patterns – it’s not hard to see the creative and even meditative appeal of this creative art.  It wasn’t until 200 BC when geometric pieces were actually manufactured to  provide for extra detail, style and color to be used in detailed scenes with people, animals and decorative patterns.


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