15 June 2012

Watching kids, or particpating with them

Did you know these crazy statistics?

 •14.3% of children have a diagnosed psychiatric disorder – many directly related to family connections and chosen activities.

 •50% of families in US have TV on all day

 •73% of US families site family/children responsibilities as a primary source of stress and only 32% believe they are doing a good job of those responsibilities.

 From birth, technology and media costs families and children millions of dollars in quality of life through children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Relationships and engagement are becoming more virtual, and more distant watching, rather than engaging with each other.

 You’re Fired is on a mission to provide the ideal setting for more powerful family moments.  With the widening gap between parents, grandparents and children, we’ve created an environment and activities in which you don’t have to sit on the sidelines.

 Think about it…  all of the wonderful activities for children that leave you watching from a distance.

Sports, Karate, Dance, Music, Theater, Lessons, Recitals,  Competitions …

We’re not saying these activities are bad, but you deserve, and families need that “together” time as well.  What would it feel like if the next activity had you sharing, creating, laughing, communicating, participating and learning alongside your children rather than watching from the side line or auditorium?  

You’re Fired is for everyone who loves to be with their kids and wants to participate with them as they engage in a fun, creative, therapeutic family moment.  Oh yeah, and make great long lasting stuff in the process!

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