About Us

You’re Fired is all about creating family moments, getting creative and having fun.

In this day and age, families have grown to interact virtually in too many ways.  We feel  it’s time to get back together and create memories with your kids, and not just as a bystander  from the sidelines.   More than a fun and engaging paint your own pottery studio, You’re Fired is on a mission to create a unique and engaging experience ,in an inspiring atmosphere for all of our customers big and small.  Whether you stop in for ladies night out, or you’ve packed up the whole family for a visit, you can mark this stop on your calendar and count on a great time, every time! 


You’re Fired (est in 2003) was created first and foremost because as avid pottery painters ourselves, we wanted to bring a studio to the area that truly catered to the painter’s needs.  As such, the studio has an atmosphere of warmth and comfort and offers a larger than normal selection of bisque.  In addition to variety, we also offer a standard line of bisque.  These classic shapes provide our regular customers with reliable selection of kitchen ware, allowing them to create a complete set as they return month after month. 


What's up next

Ladies Night (Tue & Thu)

You know you need this! Therapeutic time with the girls. Grab your favorite beverage, and light snack, and then, well, you just go girl!

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Meet EARL!

Our Beloved EARL has been with us for a long time and we’d like to tell you what he means to us.