15 May 2013

Share a You’re Fired Experience with us on Facebook.

We’ve heard from many customers that they had very unique experiences at our studios, and great memories with items they have made or received as gifts from our studio.  These moments are what we are all about, special times with children and family, meaningful gifts given, received, and used etc.  Take a moment to post your experience with us, and we will thank you by sending a free studio fee.  Post your short story or experience on Facebook, and please remember to tag us so we see it! 

One Response to Share a You’re Fired Experience with us on Facebook.

  1. LindabudLenard says:

    I was a bit hesitant at first, as I’m not good a painting by free hand. However, there were lots of patterns to choose from to help one out. AND lots of help from the staff. My sister is a frequent customer and she talked me into trying it out. I made a lovely coffee mug for my assistant which she loved!! Thank you You’re Fired for a truly original and fun idea!!

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