31 July 2017

August – National Family Fun Month

funDid you know that August is National Family Fun Month?  And while there are a lot of ways to have fun as a family, we are promoting the You’re Fired experience with a Family Fun Guarantee. Bring your whole family to our Studio this month, (everybody has to come!),  and if you don’t have MORE fun than you expected to have, we will return your families studio fees. 

BUT if you do have MORE fun than expected, drop us an email and tell us about your experience, and we will email you free studio fees for your families next visit! You win either way! All you have to do, is get your entire family together, and try to  have fun. Want more information, Email us now.

1 July 2017

The Fourth Of July

Friends, Family, Fun and Fireworks – More than 75 Million Americans are planning barbecues this weekend in celebration of July Fourth, a holiday paralleled in tradition to You’re Fired’s mission of getting families together, getting creative and having fun. Accordingly, our Studios are closed for the 4th, so that our families can participate as well.

For being the only country that celebrates the Fourth of July, you might be surprised out how much our symbols and celebration draws from outside.

  • We all know the Star Spangled Banner’s tune is based on an English drinking song called “to Anacreon Heaven” (Anacreon was a Greek poet known for his drinking hymns).
  • But do you know that the song “Yankee Doodle Dandy” was actually a song that that British Military Officers sang prior to the revolution to mock the disorganized American colonists who fought alongside them during the French and Indian Wars?
  • The Liberty Bell which is tapped 13 times each Fourth of July in honor of the 13 original colonies was made in London.
  • The Statue of Liberty, our countries most iconic symbol of Liberty was made in France.
  • Only recently, did Congress pass a law requiring that 100% of the Flags purchased by the Department of Defense, be made inside the US, with US materials. Prior to then, most of the Flags our military used were made in China! In fact 94% of the imported flags to the US are made in China.
  • Speaking of China, what greater symbol of a Fourth of July celebrations exists besides fireworks? Where do you think most of those are made?


1 June 2017

Best Friends Day – June 8th

Best friends: the ones you can only be mad at for so long because you have important things to tell them.

Thursday, June 8th is Best Friends Day!  Bring your best friend in on the 8th, and paint something for them, and we will offering each of you half off your studio fees.  To qualify, you need to be painting with your BEST friend and you need to be painting an item FOR them, not for yourself.  Simply tell our staff at checkout you are there with your best friend today, and made an item for them, and you will each receive the discount. We hope you all have a great “Best Friends Day!”

1 May 2017

Fathers Day – June 18th

Fathers Day is June 18th this year, making the cutoff for gift items Sunday the 11th.  But, if instead of making Dad a gift you want to share a You’re Fired experience with him, we would be happy to help make that possible.  Bring Dad to the studio on Fathers Day and we will comp his studio fee! Check with Mom first though, because Dad may have other plans for today.

1 May 2017

The School Year to Summer Transition

Keeping children’s minds stimulated throughout the summer months.

As the school year winds down, teachers say they’re often approached by worried parents seeking a road map to get through the summer. Their advice is quite simple: Chill out. Make the summer fun and find ways to incorporate educational themes into the activities children choose to participate in.

“Have fun, explore, just don’t let them sit inside and watch TV all summer,” said one Chicago area teacher at Whitney Young High School and also the mother of two young children.

What makes summer so valuable is that children have the time and freedom to learn on their own terms, she said, so they can see what interests and excites them.

Ricci Allard, Owner of You’re Fired Pottery Studios in New Hampshire, a former teacher and current mother herself, adds that “Even more valuable, the summer represents time in which parents, grandparents, and children find overlapping free time.  Find activities that you both can participate in, side by side, rather than the “watching from the sideline” activities that dominate the school year.

New Hampshire offers ample qualifying activities, both indoor and out, that are fun and educational.  State parks offer beaches, lakes and mountain activities, there are animal parks, biking and walking trails, and many picnic areas.  In addition to You’re Fired’s Studios, there are lots of other indoor arts and craft activities that families can participate in together.

One Studio customer recently posted “My ‘bestest ever friend’ and I come in often to share time and bonding along with my 9-yr old grand-daughter. It gives us all a common theme to share while the 9-yr old shares time with the two of us. AND now the 9-yr old puts in requests for all of us to spend some time there.”

“The important thing is to make sure that your children’s brains stays stimulated during the summer months,” Allard said. “Encourage them to try new things, and participate with them whenever possible”.

“Summer is a fantastic time to get to know your children better, and to strengthen the family bonds”.




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